Praemon Partners - Helping You Realize Your Business Vision

Praemon is an Atlanta-based firm specializing in teaming with entrepreneurs as well as emerging and established businesses to transform their aspirations into capabilities and performing businesses.

Praemon has built a network of individuals and strategic resources who have exceptional credentials and proven track records of success, as both C-level leaders, business coaches, and consultants.

We provide a full range of expertise, including: business model design, strategy development, enterprise design, planning, leadership team formation, technology commercialization, product and market definition, customer discovery, product management, funding strategy formulation, funding process guidance, business development and strategic marketing, as well as Operations, Infrastructure, Organization, and IT consulting.

We put our expertise into action to identify the relationships needed to make the business model work, and then make the contacts needed to validate concepts, assumptions, markets, positioning, processes, prices, costs, volumes, timing, logistics, and overall feasibility.

Our partners, principals, and associates exercise the judgment and professionalism that comes only from years of starting, leading, and managing businesses, as well as solving and coaching others to solve the most pressing issues for successful entrepreneurs and "major league" business leadership.

Our diverse client base includes entrepreneurs (professors, technologists, engineers, sales executives), small and medium-sized high-growth companies, VC's, and private equity firms. With each client, our intent is to be a strategic partner, working to achieve business goals.

In short, if it should be part of an emerging business, Praemon has the imagination to envision it, and the expertise to make it work.

Our primary goals:

  • Provide entrepreneurs the best, fastest, and easiest route to operating a successful venture
  • Enable existing companies to quickly reach the next level of performance
  • Envision, design, and deploy high-performance capabilities, born of years of real-world experience
  • Create and Build value inside the companies we serve
  • Work with executives at their desired level of our involvement - coaching, consulting, execution